cot top baby changer

Baby Changing Stations – Is there a Optimal Type For Your Needs

cot top baby changerCot-top changers

This type of baby station is often a practical ‘halfway house’ between a changing unit and a simple changing mat. It’s a rigid kind of plastic-type rectangular shape which includes a cushioned changing pad you place widthways on top of the cot at changing time. The style can help you complete the diaper change at a much more comfortable height. Rather then kneeling down you stand up. These kind of baby stations should cost a maximum of about $60, perhaps less expensive in the sales. Check on the web and in stores and you ought to find yourself with a style that is low-priced and light-weight. You ought not have difficulties finding one of these units. They’re extremely popular and on sale on the web and in many baby product retailers.

Baby Changing Stations For Heavy Duty Use – Open Shelf Diaper Changers

This form of changer is frequently seen within the washrooms or baby-changing sites of restaurants and stores. Frequently manufactured from plastic and having the look of a rounded, tray-like ledge, the changer has to be firmly mounted to the wall structure since the device doesn’t have below support. When not in use, you fold it up on towards the wall. Unlike a few other types of baby changing station open shelfchanging stations, these types, being moved up and down from the wall, do not generally possess storage drawers beneath. Their main advantage is that they conserve room while not being used. If you are the sort of individual that has friends with babies around the house, it may be a very good long-term investment buying one of the more sturdy high priced designs, or maybe one suitable for public use. It’ll have a good second-hand value as well. These types are also marketed as ideal for mothers and fathers with mobility difficulties.

corner baby changerTriangular or Corner Baby Changers

As the name suggests, these are designed and fabricated to go into a corner. They usually are composed of plastic, but you can even get them in home furniture style. Something a lot of people like about these kind of baby stations is that they happen to be larger than the cot top models and permit you to change baby diapers with the baby in a more natural position, with his toes towards you. With all the some other kinds you are diaper changing from one side which is often not so easy to put the diaper on and clean the infant in this position. Should you pick a model that was designed to simulate more regular bedroom furniture, anticipate paying more than you would for a more functional plastic kind.