Beauty Skin Care Extras

Beauty Skin Care Extras

These are the bare bones of a good beauty skin-care routine. Do the following and you won’t go far wrong. But, like everything else, the more you put into it, the more you get out and there are very few women who are so busy that they don’t have the odd hour — or even afternoon — when they can give themselves a really professional beauty treatment.

First, get together everything you’ll need — your cleanser, a large towel, a kettle of boiled, steaming water, some dried camomile flowers or sprigs of fresh mint and your face mask. There are many masks on the market specially formulated for all skin types. Choose one that best suits your skin and one which you can reasonably afford.

Cleanse your face thoroughly. Once you’ve done this, reapply the cleanser on to your clean face.

Pour the boiled water into your wash basin and throw in the camomile flowers or mint. Then bend over the steam, covering your whole head with the towel.

Steam your face for about five minutes (you can use a kitchen timer), then gently wipe off the cleanser. You’ll be amazed how much extra dirt appears! Now apply the face mask, following the instructions on the pack. For best results, lie down for about 15-20 minutes, propping up your feet so that they’re higher than your head. This gives the blood a chance to flow easily to your head. Remove the mask when it is set, and apply a light covering of moisturizer over your face.

Do this regularly about once a week and you will really notice the difference in both your appearance and feeling of well-being.

These are all things you can do from the outside, and they will all be helped immeasurably if you look after your skin from the inside, too. A correct, balanced diet will not only help you keep your figure trim, give you the vitality and energy you need — it will also ‘feed’ your skin (as it does the rest of you), helping it to look its very best.

Nourish your skin inwardly as carefully as you do outwardly; make sure, for instance, that your daily diet always includes green vegetables and an amount of fibre and fresh fruit. A model’s tip is to drink at least one litre (2 pints) of water a day — it will flush all impurities out of your system, getting rid of that ‘stodgy’ look!

Facial exercises are important too for, when you exercise the face muscles to prevent them going slack, you are also exercising your skin. Before you put on your make-up in the morning, watching yourself in the mirror.