Breast Examination

Most breast lumps are not cancers but some are, and it is true that early treatment of breast cancer offers the best chance of complete cure. If you think you have a lump in the breast at any time, make an appointment to see your doctor. It may be nothing, but worth checking.

The best way to detect small lumps in the breast is by regular examination of both breasts. Your GP or Family Planning Clinic may make arrangements to do this at yearly intervals; if so, have it done. However, it is possible for you to carry out self- examination of the breasts far more regularly than this and we feel that every woman should be shown the technique. The next time you go to your doctor or Family Planning Clinic, ask the doctor to teach you the correct method, then examine the breasts yourself after every period. Breasts are naturally ‘lumpy’ so do not worry about small lumps which disappear.