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Breastfeeding Accessories – Nursing Bras, Tops, Cushions, Pads and Pillows

Breast pads and shells

Breasts frequently leak throughout the early breast-feeding weeks, however, you can safeguard your clothing by utilizing breast pads. You place these within your bra and they soak up the milk that leaks from your nipples. You can purchase packs of throw away pads or even ones that you simply wash and reuse.

The plastic-backed kind may also encourage sore nipples unless changed frequently. Slim wads of tissue paper within your bra ought to be sufficient for soaking up milk if you use up all your pads or regard them as an unnecessary extra.

The reusable ones tend to be better value for money in the long run (and these days you will get rather good organic silk ones), but may be much less convenient if you want to replace the pads frequently. Plastic–backed pads stop your milk from leaking right through, although they should not be required unless regular pads do not provide you with sufficient protection.


Breast shells possess a slightly different purpose. Occasionally when you are breast-feeding, the breast your baby is not feeding through can leak quite a lot. You are able to put the breast shell over this particular breast to collect the milk and store it for future bottle-feeding.

Nursing bras

nursing braA nursing bra helps you breast-feed with minimum fuss. They appear much like regular bras however, depending on the design, are designed to allow you to drop, unzip or unclip the cups so that you can give food to your baby and never have to hitch up or prise open the entire bra. Additionally they tend to have broader straps, back and sides in order to offer you adequate support. Of the 3 types — drop-cup, zip-cup and front-opening — drop-cup are the most widely available. Just about all require some practice in order to undo as well as do up without an excessive amount of fiddling. Preferably you need to obtain the bra correctly fitted prior to deciding which one to purchase, as your own breast dimension will have transformed from your pre-pregnancy days.

Nursing Bra Advice

Finding the right bra to fit your needs can be a real problem. It is best to speak to an expert before buying. I was referred by a friend to Gwen at Candicups who provides great nursing bra advice and stocks beatiful bras by Panache, Freya and Bravado. You can call her direct on 01438 816937.

Sleep bras are made to support your breasts through the night-time. These may also be useful for keeping breast pads in position while you are in bed.

Nursing Bras From Candicups
Some Beautiful Nursing Bras Available From Candicups

Nursing tops

Special breast-feeding tops aren’t essential however, many companies do sell them and some ladies may find them useful, particularly during the beginning when they are becoming accustomed to breast–feeding and may want to get nursing topsit done as subtly as possible. These types of tops ordinarily have subtle ‘flaps’ and a zip or poppers across the front, which you raise up or undo and then put your child to the breast. Your breasts will be pretty well protected and your baby feeds through the opening within the top. Try JoJo Maman Bebe or Blooming Marvellous for an array of nursing covers.

There is no need for special nursing nightwear — you just need some thing loose–fitting with fasteners in front that you can undo easily.

Feeding pillows

Lots of moms recommend these pillows. They are widely available — Blooming Marvellous offers a selection, or try department or nursery stores. They often cost close to $20-25. The pillows normally have a foam, feather or bean-bag core, although Mothercare additionally sells a good inflatable feeding pillow. Keep in mind it may be really worth buying an extra cover if available, since the pillows can certainly become discolored with milk.

Many women prefer to breast– or bottle-feed with their baby resting on the pillow on the lap. You can purchase specially formed pillows that may make feeding even more comfy (although any kind of reasonably firm, standard bed pillow can function well).

On the other hand, you can use the pillow yourself to support your back when you are breast–feeding (or while pregnant or even in labour). Feeding pillows are available in two fundamental styles — either V-shaped or lightly curved. Each style could make feeding much more comfortable, although the V-shaped style may also be useful as a back support (you might find these being promoted as all-round ‘support’ cushions as opposed to particularly as feeding pillows).