Can a vasectomy affect your sex life?

There is no physical reason why vasectomy should lessen a man’s sex drive and since it does not alter the production of the male sex hormone testosterone by the testes, it doesn’t affect a man’s virility either. The volume of fluid ejaculated remains unchanged – the only difference is that the fluid does not contain its normal tiny proportion of sperm.

Jhe mechanism of orgasm is untouched by vasectomy, and some men find that not having to use sheaths or worry about contraception decidedly improves their own sexual pleasure. Vasectomy can improve a couples’ sex life in several ways. For instance a couple often feel more relaxed and happy about making love when neither of them is anxious about the chance of an unwanted pregnancy. Many people also find it improves what was already a normal, satisfactory sexual relationship into something even better. It is common, too, for women to feel so relieved that they don’t have to take the responsibility for contraception any longer, that they suddenly feel much more loving and affectionate towards their partners, and the marriage improves all round.

But this does not mean that vasectomy will cure sexual problems or liven up a flagging sex life. And vasectomy should certainly never be thought of as a cure for loss o{libido or sex drive. Furthermore, sterilization can remove a woman’s final excuse for not wanting to have intercourse, and reveal the truth of her feelings. Although this kind of situation can lead to the break-up of a marriage, it should be remembered that the vasectomy was not itself the cause – rather it was just the final trigger which forced the couple to face their real problems.