Carry Cots - Pros and Cons

Carry Cots – Pros and Cons

A carry cot is often a stronger alternative to a Moses basket but they have the majority of the identical advantages and disadvantages. For those who have a carry cot option on your buggy you can use this as your baby’s primary sleeping spot for the first several weeks, though you may have to purchase a bed mattress suited to night-time sleeping. The obvious drawback with this particular option is if you want to take your baby for a walk and you also would like him or her to lay within the carry cot — unless Carry Cots - Pros and Consyou have the entire pushchair contraption in your bedroom at night-time, you will probably commit considerable time taking out the carry cot from, and refitting it to, the base. You can purchase independent carry cots, though they may not be as widely available as Moses baskets. Pick one that is relatively light and portable because you might want to move your baby in it when they’re asleep.

Pros of Carry Cots:

  • As part of a buggy, the multi-purpose character of the carry-cot attachment (as a night-time in addition to a daytime bed) is popular with a lot of parents
  • typically better quality than Moses baskets so is seen as a valuable purchase for following babies.

Cons of Carry Cots:

  • Carry cots are often positioned on the floor or on a secure area instead of on a stand, as with Moses baskets, so might be more tricky to place at an easily reachable height alongside your bed
  • dependant upon the style, they usually are pretty weighty and for that reason cumbersome to transfer.