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Pregnancy Week by Week – Last Stages: Preparing for Birth

pregnancy week by week

One of the important decisions the expectant parents will have to make is whether to have the baby at home or in hospital. This decision will be influenced by: • the facilities available in the area in which the expectant mother lives. • the expectant mother's medical record and the danger of any complications at birth. • the advice given by her ...

Pain Relief in Labor – Epidural vs Natural Childbirth

pain relief in labor

However delighted a mother is, childbirth is always tiring and to some extent uncomfortable. Many women require some form of pain relief in labor.  Epidural vs Natural Childbirth is a hot subject and now with more and more women discovering the Lamaze and Bradley natural childbirth techniques, the argument is far from settled.  It is ...

Onset of Labor Symptoms

onset of labor symptoms

Onset of labor symptoms are not always cut and dry.  During pregnancy the uterine muscle contracts intermittently and the uterus as a whole becomes hard, usually without causing any discomfort. Indeed, the mother-to-be may not be aware that this is occurring. In late pregnancy these contractions become more frequent and powerful and the mother-to-be may ...