Cause for celebration

The first day of school is one to celebrate, so plan something special as a gift to yourselves, the parents. This is an important milestone. You have spent thousands of hours caring, guiding and helping, thinking about and working for this five-year-old who is now launched into their school years. Congratulations.

Clare, 26 ‘We had saved up for this day, keeping all the £1 coins from our change in a jar. And, on the last day of the first week our daughter was at school, Max and I went out for a champagne lunch. I’d never done anything so extravagant and it felt like total luxury. We talked over the good times and what had seemed like major problems which had now faded away. We realised a lot of parenting lay ahead, but we had reached a big milestone. We had done it together. The day was a great memory to keep for both of us.’