Day-Into-Evening Make-Up

Day-Into-Evening Make-Up

Once you know what you need and why you need it, the best way to get used to using make-up is to practise. Don’t just keep it for high days and holidays but apply it whenever you have a reasonable excuse — like fetching the kids from school!

First make up your eyes, following the camouflage ideas. Don’t forget your eyebrows. Never draw a single straight line; always lightly feather it to give the brows a natural emphasis. Don’t forget your mascara!

Foundation next. Dot spots of it on your forehead, each cheek, nose and chin, then evenly blend it over your face, making sure there’s no ‘high-tide’ mark around the chin and hairline. Apply your shader where necessary. Apply your blusher now, and remember that both your blusher and shader give colour and shape to your face. Use them to mould, to highlight or to hide. This means that you can emphasize your best features. Always start the blusher at the sides of your face against the hairline, then smooth it (if you use a powder, use your widest make-up brush) right across your cheekbones. You should have made a triangle with the widest part against the hairline.

Now, dust loose powder all over your face to set your make-up.

Finally, your lips. Outline first, then fill in with lipstick. Blot them between a tissue, then apply a second coat, and finally use your glosser. That way the lipstick will last longer.

Because your eyes and your mouth are your two most important features, you must balance both of them — giving them more or less importance. People see your face as a whole — too much emphasis on one area gives that whole a strange, uneven look!

Your evening make-up is basically the same, except that it should take into account the artificial light that you’ll be in. Emphasize your eyes with a fine eyeliner drawn along the upper lids against the lashes. Use glitter highlighter above the eyeshadow and above your blusher to emphasize the shape of your face. Be bolder with your blusher and lipstick.

Of course, once you feel confident about using and wearing make-up, the sky’s the limit.

Always look out for a look or a colour that suits your style — and never be afraid to experiment.