decorating the baby's nursery

Decorating the Baby’s Nursery Tips

Apart from the price connotations, there’s another good debate for maintaining the room decorations and furnishings fairly simple. Even though it is hard to imagine it whenever your baby is small, before too long he or she may be building strong preferences in exactly how his or her space should look, which may well not include the Winnie–the–Pooh accessories you embellished the room with before the delivery.

decorating the baby's nurseryIf you want to steer clear of the pressure to redecorate the area in 3 years time, it is worth thinking about steering clear of character furnishings. Regardless of how cute they appear to you right now, they may simply spell ‘baby’ to a pre-schooler desperate to become big. Similarly, think carefully before choosing child–sized wardrobes and chests of drawers.

As your child grows into a toddler, room for playthings and the rest of the paraphernalia which seem to mount up if you have children is going to be at a premium, therefore the more space for storage you have the much better.

Painting the nursery

If you wish to give the baby’s room walls a brand new look, keeping them basic is the most practical option. It will be easier to match additional items within the room to them if you prefer a coordinated look, and you can additionally decorate them with pictures, stencils or friezes. Choose vinyl fabric wallpapers or perhaps a water–based vinyl fabric silk or even eggshell paint. Water–based paints contain less solvents compared to oil–based paints, although they are not particularly simple to clean. If you are planning to paint the actual nursery, get it done well before your child moves in, so she or he isn’t subjected to any gases.

All regular paints are actually lead–free, however you should be cautious if you are putting an old, colored item of furniture in the baby’s room —the aged paint might have a high lead content which, if it is peeling or peeling, could find it’s way into your baby’s mouth area at some point. You should be able to purchase a test package for lead-based paint from your local builder’s merchant.

You can get a few interesting nursery decorating suggestions from Do-it-yourself retailers’ web sites.