Dens are little more than a prescribed space in which the ‘in’ group are able to carry out the’ in’ activity of the moment. Some means of enclosing the space and props which suit the game are all that is called for. Outdoors in summer it may be a small shed, the space behind a shed, a little patch of earth in the middle of bushes. Failing all of these it could be an improvised tent or collection of huge cardboard cartons. Indoors it might be a special corner of the room or part of a store room. In one group it was underneath a very large table with a bedspread draped over it. This need for a private space tends to be fairly common among boys of rising five. Anything else they want they are usually old enough to know about and articulate enough to ask for. Nevertheless adults can help by tactfully providing suitable objects which might help to revive a game which is flagging or which has not really crystallized or where too much energy is being spent squabbling about insufficient playthings.