Elderly Skin Care

Elderly Skin Care

Skin treated with tender loving care will repay this kindness lavishly in the years to come. We have all admired elderly ladies with beautiful skin; we have all admired women of forty plus who look at least ten years younger than they are.

We can’t escape the onslaught of age and nothing short of surgery will remove bags and wrinkles once they have appeared. But the older skin does have its compensations. It will now be free from blemishes and will have regulated itself, although the moisture-loss will have speeded up.

From the early thirties onwards, the skin-care routine should be supplemented by other, extra action for ‘maintenance’. This is the time to invest in extra items that will help you always to look your best. The most important of these are an eye cream and a richer night cream to reinforce the action of the day-time moisturizer.

Eye cream is so important because the delicate skin around the eye contains very little natural oil and moisture and what little it does contain escapes very readily into the atmosphere. This is why crow’s feet (or laughter lines) are among the first wrinkles to put in an appearance.

A night cream is necessary because the efficient manufacture of the skin’s collagen content is beginning to slow down and the skin will start to sag and line instead of remaining firm and smooth. A night cream will help replace this loss. Both night cream and eye cream should be used sparingly at first — not every night — and only when your skin needs them. Of course, both these products should be used in conjunction with your ‘cleanse, tone, moisturize’ routine which should be second nature by now!