Family Play

Since the family is the most familiar and important feature in a child’s life this is often the first focus of imaginative play. Every child needs some corner where he can play house. In a nursery group it is usually quite a large area adequately provided with the various features found in a home. In the home it may be a corner or area which the child is allowed to use at specified times. Whatever and wherever the provision there are some functions it must fulfil. If we consider the basic attributes of any home whether cottage, castle or cave the first thing it affords is protection and privacy for the closed group who dwell within. Thus a home corner must have some kind of barrier to define its limits. People eat in a home, sleep in a home, look after babies, wash and store their possessions, go out from and return to their home. Therefore a home corner needs some cooking equipment, cleaning equipment, something to sleep on, something to sit on, dolls to represent babies as well as equipment to allow children to act as babies, some kind of storage, some kind of entrance (a door which has to be knocked on to gain admittance and can be bolted against non-members is useful but can present problems). Oddly enough it is extremely rare for children to demand a lavatory in their pretend home. Apart from these basic features other items such as telephones, irons, imitation food, cushions may be useful but are not first priorities.