Genital warts

These are painless, irregular lumps which can appear on the vulva or penis or round the anus. They are caused by a sexually transmitted wart virus, and it takes from one to nine months for them to develop. Although they are unpleasant and a nuisance, they aren’t serious.

Treating genital herpes several of them form in a particular area. They are usually small to begin with but they may grow quite large if they are left untreated. Sometimes they get bigger during pregnancy, but decrease in size again after the baby is born.

There are several ways of treating genital warts. The most usual is to paint each individually with a preparation of which destroys the wart cells. As this compound may cause skin irritation in some people, it must be applied by a doctor or nurse, [f podophyllin doesn’t work, the warts can be removed by freezing them with liquid nitrogen.