Heartburn during pregnancy

Heartburn, a fiery burning sensation in the upper abdomen or lower chest, is frequently associated with the belching of small amounts of bitter, sour fluid. It may occur in any individual but is most frequently met in pregnant women. The name given to the disorder is a partial misnomer because the condition has nothing to do with the heart but results from sluggish stomach action which delays its emptying, and is a type of indigestion. The omission of rich, greasy foods from the diet—such as mayonnaise, cream, and fried foods—helps, as do smaller and less hurried meals. Relief from heartburn may be gotten by taking a level teaspoonful of milk of magnesia or one milk of magnesia tablet after each meal and again whenever heartburn occurs. If this should cause loose stools, substitute other anti-acids such as Turns, Rolaids, Amphojel, or Gelusil. The first two come as tablets only, and the two latter in both tablet and liquid form. Do not take bicarbonate of soda, soda mints, or Alka-Seltzer because of their high sodium content, which may be injurious during pregnancy. Chewing gum after meals lessens heartburn for some.