How can you avoid swollen feet?

Swollen ankles and feet are common in the latter half of pregnancy, especially in the afternoon during warm weather. While it’s obviously not practical if you’re working, doctors say that best cure is to sit down and put your feet up for an hour or two, or better still, lie down with your feet resting on a pillow.

Since your feet are carrying the brunt of the increased weight, shoes that give adequate support are essential. Avoid very high heels at any time since the last thing you want to do is to tip the pelvis further forward. Going bare foot round the house won’t do any harm but try not to alternate between high heels during the day and no shoes at all in the evening. Ideally all shoes, whether walking shoes or slippers, should have a similar height of heel throughout pregnancy.

Should you stop drinking alcohol during pregnancy? Alcohol is as much a drug as anything taken in pill or tablet form, but because it’s socially acceptable it’s easy to forget that its use should be restricted during pregnancy.

Alcohol almost certainly has a damaging effect on the unborn child, although the exact extent of the damage is still to be finally assessed. There’s a growing body of research on it and some experts claim to have demonstrated a definite relationship between a mother who drinks heavily daily, and what’s called foetal alcohol syndrome. It seems that in severe cases, for instance where the mother is an alcoholic, the baby is born both jitter) and shaky, and is in fact experiencing withdrawal symptoms in the form of Dts. In addition, the baby is likely to be born with some degree of mental backwardness, to be small in size, and may even suffer from spinal or lung abnormalities.

If you’re a regular drinker and you discover that you’re pregnant you must cut down drastically, and long sessions with alcohol at a party are definitely to be avoided. In fact doctors say that it’s best to drink as litde alcohol as possible during pregnancy, and certainly to try and avoid spirits. Many doctors now recommend that you limit your drinking say, to a maximum of a couple of glasses of wine (or the equivalent) with a meal twice a week.