how to choose a high chair

How To Choose A High Chair

The things to watch out for in a high chair

You will find quite a few kinds of high chair around the marketplace but, no matter which type you choose, you ought to look out for particular qualities prior to making your purchase.

Does the tray appear simple to keep clean? Keep in mind that both wood and plastic material trays can stain — although varnished wooden tends to be much less likely to stain. Indentations within the tray, such as a dip for holding a cup, really are a nuisance instead of a great design feature because they make cleaning much more difficult. Similarly, angular ridges around the edge of the tray merely turn out to be food traps. A higher, curved rim is best.

How large is the tray? As a common rule, the larger the tray the better. Think of the tray as having to be spacious enough to hold a variety of playthings instead of merely a bowl or perhaps a cup.

how to choose a high chairWill be the chair wipe-clean? A material cover that it’s possible to remove and place in the washer just is not functional enough. You’ll want to possess a chair you can wipe following each feed.

Versions that stand when folded, instead of having to be leaned against a wall, could be useful in the event the chair is to stay within the kitchen area rather than be stored away (although these can take up much more space). Does the chair fold effortlessly and neatly?

Not all highchairs fold up but if you want one that does, you should have the ability to fold and store it with minimal work — otherwise it is bound to stay standing as a semi-permanent kitchen fixture. With some highchairs you need to remove the tray before you fold it — this is definitely an additional burden if you intend to put it away on a regular basis. Try a variety of folding highchairs out in the store.

Are there any uncomfortable edges? Feel beneath the tray and round the edge of the chair region for sharp rims. You do not wish to be scraping your toddler’s thighs each time you lift him or her in or out of the chair.

Is the chair fairly padded and comfortable-looking? Your child will probably be using the highchair a great deal and something that assists to make him or her want to remain within the chair instead of squirm out will probably be of advantage. Similarly a bigger chair is much better than a more compact one.

In the event the chair has height/seat/tray-position configurations, are these easy and quick to perform? Otherwise, you might well not bother with them. Check out a variety of adjustments within the store.

Are you able to detach the tray? This is really a useful feature if you would just like the choice of your baby seated right up to the main table (although the style of some tables might not permit you to push the highchair near enough). It will likewise make cleaning simpler. Verify that the tray is easy to detach, however, otherwise you might not bother.

Alternatively, a flip-over tray may also allow your baby to feed at the table. If you like the look of a highchair having a mounted tray, take a look at the gap between the tray and the chair and think about squeezing a chubby toddler in there — some chairs with fixed trays have quite a narrow gap.

If you can find integral straps, could these be removed? The straps often turn out to be probably the most food-encrusted bit of the highchair, and it is helpful to have the ability to wash them correctly.

When to Start using A High Chair

A highchair of one form or another is one of the few essentials for an older child. They aren’t appropriate for use until your child can sit down unsupported (generally at around 6 to 9 months) — although you can purchase highchairs which are adjustable for young babies, prior to the six-month phase numerous parents use a bouncy cradle or other kind of baby chair at feeding time .

As soon as the time is proper for a highchair, though, you and your child will value the advantages. You will not need to crouch down for feeding and he or she will really feel part of the household seated at table-height to consume meals. You may also use the highchair as a play chair, by putting toys or kitchen utensils around the tray and letting your baby entertain him- or herself as you get on with other things. Some kinds of highchairs convert to chairs that toddlers and also more mature kids can use. As long as your child is strapped in, a highchair will provide a secure eating location along with a prime viewing place for her or him to watch you busying about the kitchen area or consuming your meals.

Different Kinds of high chair

You will find 5 primary kinds of highchair obtainable. All have their benefits and disadvantages.

Regular highchairs

These would be the easiest kind of traditional-looking highchair and have 1 height position. You can buy fold-up variations and versions with useful additional features, such as a detachable tray. Anticipate to pay around $30-40 for a simple, regular highchair.


  • usually the most cost effective kind, aside from travel highchairs later) 1 height is adequate for many individuals
  • have a tendency to be lighter and fold flatter than other kinds.


  • lack of seat-height adjustability indicates they’re much less flexible.

Cube or convertible highchairs

cube high chairThese could be used as a highchair for younger infants then transformed right into a toddler-sized chair and matching low table as soon as your youngster reaches the self-feeding phase. They’re usually produced of wood. On some versions the wood chair includes a padded cover, but if there is not one built in you should have the ability to buy one individually. This type of chair costs between $40 and $100.


  • toddlers who protest at being put into their highchair, regardless of whether inside a high or low position, might really feel much more grown-up (and consume much more happily) with their personal chair and table
  • style-wise, at least, the wooden style could be much more acceptable to many parents as an item of kitchen area furniture
  • as soon as you have completed using the chair and table within the kitchen area, they are able to go into your child’s bed room as an additional item of furniture.


  • cube chairs cannot be folded and so take up permanent space in your kitchen area
  • if you have your 2nd youngster quickly following your first, you’re unlikely to obtain the very best use out of the chair because you’ll wish to use it as a highchair once more before your elder youngster has had full use of it as a chair and table
  • less likely to possess the ‘added extras’ of some other highchairs, such as recline positions and an easily detachable tray.

Multi-position highchairs

multi position high chairWith one of these you are able to change the chair height to ensure that you feed your child in a low or higher level. Many have 5 or 6 adjustable height positions. On some versions you may also adjust the chair so it reclines. Most can be folded and numerous have extras such as varied-position trays. Anticipate to pay between $40 and $100 for this kind of chair.


  • height adjustability means you can feed your child in a place that suits you best — self-feeding toddlers might prefer the low level, for instance, or you can use this level for a smaller child if you choose to feed her or him lower down
  • versions with reclining seats could be used for newborn babies and also to bottle-feed, so lengthen the lifespan of the highchair
  • depending on the product, they aren’t essentially much much more costly than the regular kind.


  • the adjustments might not be particularly simple to make — many parents discover 1 place they’re pleased with and stick to it, so the height-adjustment component might be a little redundant
  • some versions could be quite large and cumbersome to maneuver.

travel high chairTravel high chairs

A travel or transportable highchair could be used as an alternative to a standard highchair at any time. Both kinds — table seat or folding booster seat could be used from age 6 months or so, are low cost, conserve on space and could be taken along with you when you go away. Suffice to say, they do not possess the additional extras of other kinds of highchair, but you might not want these anyhow.

Baby-to-adult highchairs

Unusual-looking but innovatively created, they are a kind of highchair that may be adjusted for use by all ages. You will find two primary manufacturers obtainable within the UK — the Tripp Trapp and also the MultiSitt. Each possess a broadly comparable style. An extended, slanting wood back is interspersed with slats or slots into which you place a wood seat, footrest and security bar.

Exactly where you place them is dependent on how large your youngster is. Your child will usually sit down, secured having a safety bar along with a harness, in the table (although with the MultiSitt, you can buy a separate tray). When your youngster gets more mature you eliminate the safety bar and adjust the height of the chair appropriately. An adult would have the ability to use this as an occasional chair using the seat in a low position. Anticipate to pay $100 or so, plus additional for attachments such as a tray.


  • a flexible chair that may ‘grow’ with your youngster
  • created so your youngster can usually sit down at the right height at the table
  • matches in nicely with other modern-looking eating and kitchen area furniture
  • no need to buy a booster seat when your youngster will get more mature.


  • much more costly than most other highchairs
  • could be large so not extremely manoeuvrable
  • having a 2nd child, you might discover yourself buying a regular highchair anyhow, because the concept is that your initial youngster should still be using the chair. Alternatively, you might determine to invest an additional $100 on another of the same seats, and so forth with any subsequent kids — and you could finish up feeling that you have bought yourself a lifestyle instead of a highchair
  • not particularly widely obtainable.

Second-hand high chairs

Highchairs are often used second-hand. If you do buy a secondhand one or use a hand-me-down, verify that:

  • it is steady, sturdy and is not lacking any screws or bolts it’s got an intrinsic harness; if it hasn’t, purchase a separate harness and employ it each time your child is within the chair
  • there aren’t any sharp edges or components for instance cracks or breaks around the plastic tray that might pinch your youngster
  • no foam is uncovered around the chair – infants could pick it out and choke on it.

High Chair Safety Tips

  • By no means leave your baby alone inside a highchair.
  • Secure your child within the highchair all the time with a safety harness – either the integral one provided or perhaps a separate one complying with British Standard 6684. Connect the harness the moment your youngster is seated.
  • Don’t use a highchair on a slippery, raised or uneven floor.
  • Store the highchair away from your child’s reach while folded.
  • Take care lifting your youngster in and out of the highchair (if your baby is struggling or traps his or her foot beneath the tray the entire highchair might fall over).

Highchair accessories

You will find gadgets created specifically to be used on the highchair (although keep in mind that your child might get just as much enjoyment from a wooden spoon and a plastic box). The primary benefit with highchair toys is the fact that you can connect them to the highchair, either with a suction pad or tied to the body, so you will not be continuously stooping to pick up the toy as soon as your child has found the joys of throwing things on the ground.

The downside is, of course, that she or he will get bored with seeing the identical outdated highchair toy every single day, so attempt to differ the toys if you want to obtain maximum advantage. You can discover a array of gadgets suitable for highchairs at children’s stores.

An additional potentially useful addition is a plastic mat that you can place under the highchair to catch all of the spills. This really is particularly useful if you possess a floor that is really a nuisance to wash. Make sure the mat covers a reasonable region around the highchair, as spills will not necessarily be falling straight underneath. Mats are widely obtainable from children’s stores. Alternatively, you can spread newspaper around the ground.