Insomnia during pregnancy

Despite the increasing fatigue and the desire for additional rest that most women experience in the last trimester, sleep may be seriously disturbed by the nocturnal athletic pursuits of the fetus, plus inability of the mother to get into a comfortable position. This is particularly distressing in the heat of midsummer and may be aided by an air-conditioned bedroom. A relaxing bath before bed may be helpful. If the insomnia is severe and causes you concern, discuss it with your physician. He may prescribe a barbiturate capsule or some other sleep-producing medicine. We counsel our patients to take Seconal a half-hour before turning out the light, when falling asleep is the main problem. If they go to sleep easily but wake after a few hours and then cannot go back to sleep, they are instructed to take a Seconal capsule on waking during the night or a capsule of nembutal just as they are ready to go to sleep for the night. We warn patients not to take a capsule more often than two nights in three, so that they do not become too dependent on hypnotic drugs. Obviously, do not take any sleeping drug before consulting your own doctor, and never more than a single dose in one night without his express permission.