Leg Cramps during pregnancy

Spasm of the calf muscles and muscles of the foot is a common and painful nuisance during pregnancy. The condition is likely to begin about mid-pregnancy, but is usually less frequent the last month. It comes unannounced; most often the patient is aroused from her sleep to find the calf muscles of one leg knotted into a painful, firm ball. The best treatment is local massage, a kneading of the muscle until it relaxes. The area may remain tender for several hours thereafter. Such muscle spasm is not damaging, nor does it denote any abnormality of health. Two remedies have been suggested: two tablets or two teaspoons of Gelusil or Amphojel three times a day with meals; and a 50-milligram capsule of an antihistaminic, Benadryl, before bedtime. Before trying either, obtain your doctor’s permission.