Are your children likeable? It’s easier to live with pleasant people of any age. If your child has unpleasant habits, they can get in the way of you and other people liking them. Since your aim is to raise a child who can make it in the world, it is okay to do all you can to help them to change. Firstly, though, have a think about whether their behaviour is just a sign of their individuality and is really your problem. For instance, creative, talkative, musical, inquisitive and lively kids can be a trial, but you don’t want to squash their vitality.

Often, though, a particular habit will clearly be a problem for all and sundry, bringing unfortunate consequences for the child, which you can foresee and they cannot. They are at risk of becoming unlikeable. The parents in our afternoon group had lots of examples and we worked on several with which you might identify.

Dealing with bedwetting

Marg looked like she’d been waiting on the edge of her seat for this chance. ‘What about bedwetting?’ ‘Yes,’ added her husband. Their five-year-