Mending books

This is a tedious business. If the loose dust jacket has a suitable picture on it it can be used to make a mounted picture or a jigsaw puzzle.

Any accidental tears should be mended immediately with Sellotape. If the child who did the damage is allowed to watch and the operation carried out in a spirit of restitution rather than retribution this is much more use than a nagging remon-stration which will be quickly forgotten and may well be undeserved. Pencil scribblings seem to be very rare in nursery groups nor is deliberate destruction of books common. There are more interesting things to do. If it does happen, or happens in the home, this particular child needs to be provided with some legitimately destructive activity, Where toddlers do the damage as part of their emptying of cupboards and shelves then somewhere else should be found for books until they have grown out of this inconvenient behaviour stage.