Moses Baskets

Moses Baskets Pros and Cons

Moses baskets are designed to provide your baby with a secure and comfortable sleeping place for the early weeks; one that you can carry anywhere else effortlessly. A lot of parents find the sight of their very small baby in a full-sized cot a little disturbing and are more comfortable using the more restrictive fit of a Moses basket. Additionally it is contended that new babies feel safer and sleep much better within the enclosed space these offer.

Moses Baskets

Produced from natural palm leaf, Moses baskets are light. They have got carry handles to help you transfer your sleeping baby if needed. On the other hand, concerns have been brought up by a few medical experts concerning the risk involved in doing this, following several instances of babies falling out of Moses baskets.

The fact that the handles of a few Moses baskets tend not to meet in the centre will increase the chance of accidents. Though the majority of incidents won’t involve severe injuries since babies will be falling from a low height, it is advisable to steer clear of carrying your baby around in the basket if you can, especially if the handles don’t meet in the centre. The basket additionally gives no protection for your baby in the event you fall or trip on the stairs.

You can put the Moses basket on the ground or, if you would like your baby to be at a convenient elevation alongside your bed, you can purchase a fold-away stand (for approximately $15-20) to position the basket on. Make sure that this has a safety bar to avoid accidental closing. A PVC-covered foam mattress will usually be incorporated with the basket, in addition to a canopy or hood, lining, quilt and fancy ‘skirt’ (the Moses basket same in principle as a valance).

Pros of Moses Baskets:

  • A light weight and transportable sleeping place for your new baby when positioned on a stand or other safe surface
  • alongside your bed, it allows you to reach your child easily for night-time feeds
  • snug-fitting sides will help make a few babies feel safer
  • relatively inexpensive option for those who have not yet made the decision what type of cot you need and don’t wish to hurry into anything
  • offers a familiar sleeping place for your baby in case you are lodging overnight out of the house.

Cons of Moses Baskets:

  • A few babies will find a cot challenging to get accustomed to following the restricted space of a Moses basket — one reason why a lot of parents choose to have their baby in a cot from birth
  • an additional cost that is possible to avoid if you are using a cot from the start higher priced types may look appealing but don’t forget that your baby is going to be in the basket for a fairly short period of time (two months or less is not unusual) so you can easily spend a lot more than you need
  • for those who have other kids, take into account that a determined toddler or clumsy more mature child might topple the basket on its stand over
  • handles could be inappropriate to carry the basket with your baby inside and may additionally fray as time passes.

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