Motherhood for beginners

Before we get into the midst of the baby action, let’s talk about motherhood itself. There is much conflicting advice about being a mother and many myths, some of which can hurt us.

As you imagine (or remember) holding your newborn baby in your arms, carefully, tenderly, are you aware of a slight surge in your heartbeat? You feel at the same time very privileged and very responsible. You ask yourself, ‘Will I be a good enough mother? Will I get it right?’

A million decisions face us from the moment of conception. ‘Should I have a homebirth or is that irresponsible?’ And when the baby is born: ‘Should I ignore their cries at night?’ And in the toddler years: ‘Should I stay out of the workforce until the children are of school age?’

It’s quite funny, when you think about it. There are records of human existence going back 700,000 years, but no one has yet found in a cave the tablets of stone or ancient parchments with the answers. If there were right answers to these questions, you’d think they would have been discovered by now!

The truth is, there are no right answers. Parenting is a personal journey and no one else can tell your way to do it. You and your child are a unique combination and you have to find out what works best for both of you. And each child you have is different tool Searching for and finding your way will give you growing strength and confidence, interspersed with times of soul-searching. The important thing is, you aren’t measuring up to someone else’s prescription; you’re just being real… So what is real motherhood about?