natural childbirth drug free

My Experience of Natural Childbirth

I want to provide some resources for those of you that are expecting soon, and are looking forward to doing it with no drugs, fully aware and fully in tune with your baby. It is completely possible to have a natural childbirth. All you need to do is have determination, great faith in your innate natural ability to do what you were designed to do, and preparedness.

There are a lot of resources out there to encourage you to do this. Women have been doing this for centuries. It is only recently with the advent of new drugs that natural childbirth has all of a sudden become a fad! Obviously, in the past, it was the norm.

Make a Birth Plan

birth plan

It is a good idea to write down a plan of how you envisage your birth going. Make sure you take this plan with you to hospital and see to it that the nurses are advised of your wishes. They will then know that you don’t want any drugs ahead of time. This is just to let them know that drug based intervention is your last option. There are going to be times during labour when the medical professionals around you will look at your state and compare it with most other women. You need to communicate at these moments and make it clear what your wishes are regarding natural childbirth. When I gave birth to my son I was determined to give birth to him naturally. I didn’t take a Lamaze class. I didn’t have a whole lot of breathing exercise training. I didn’t spend hours in the gym every week prior to giving birth either. I’m sure all of that would have helped me to deliver more seamlessly but I still delivered all naturally, 18 hours with no drugs.

Employ a Doula

So it is possible. I also had a doula, and that was helpful because she was a great encourager. She also did these exercises where she leaned and pressed down on to the back of my hip bones, where my butt is basically. This helped me to spread apart and to prepare for the baby. If money is an issue then maybe you can’t afford a doula. A rough figure would be about $1500, and that includes a pre-consultation. It also includes an in depth discussion with you in your spouse about what to expect during the birth. They usually leave some educational tapes and videos with you. The service usually involves them coming on the night of the pregnancy and staying with you through the whole process of childbirth and labour.

Volunteer Doula

So if you can’t afford that, you can always ask for a volunteer doula to come and assist you during this stage of your pregnancy. There are a lot of volunteer doulas out there who are looking for the experience to add to their resume.

Home Birth – Is it for You?

You may also want to consider doing your birth at home in a more comfortable environment where you feel at ease in your own surroundings. I opted for delivery in hospital but I couldn’t stand all the wires and foetal monitoring around my stomach. I didn’t care at that point. I just wanted to walk around and be free. But I couldn’t because of the hospital regulations. So this could be an advantage of a home birth if you find that type of restriction unbearable.

Drug Free Labor and Childbirth

There can be quite a big difference between newborn babies to that have not been subjected to all the paraphernalia of modern pain relief drugs. The babies that are born naturally often seem much calmer and relaxed when compared to babies to have undergone a caesarean or whose mothers have been heavily drugged during childbirth.

The Value of Human Life

It is my own personal opinion that it is important that you really understand the value that God puts on human life and the value that god puts on children and how much of a blessing it is to have a child.

So natural childbirth is possible, and it is feasible. And it is not the most painful option either. Many women when they think of childbirth, natural or otherwise, think of pain. But you can look on you tube for many positive experiences of natural childbirth. Some women even sing through the process!

The other thing to bear in mind when we talk about pain in childbirth, natural or not, is that the pain is not the same as being poked with sharp needles or hit over the head of stabbing your toe! It is labor which means hard work and effort, often leading to temporary state of exhaustion both mentally and physically.

Preparing for Professional Pressure!

It is important to prepare yourself for natural childbirth by being determined to not give in to the often pressurising forces of the medical professionals. Insist on taking your time and doing it nature’s way. Don’t be rushed. Insist on being in the hospital until the baby decides it wants to come out and don’t give in to the quick fix of a drugged delivery. Some hospitals obviously want to make as much money as possible and sometimes to do this they operate like factories, churning out baby’s as fast as they can. So you might have to be prepared for some opposition. Just make sure you stand your ground if natural childbirth is your preferred option.

Don’t Rush Childbirth

Because of the way modern hospitals operate, naturally they are going to want to get you in and out as fast as possible. This might be through a C section, or trying to induce your labor with drugs. They might want to break your waters before you feel it is time. If they can do any of these things, then they probably will. But I did find out through the Lamaze method that when you feel the urge to push, if you don’t push and just hold on and wait for the doctor to work the head out, then you won’t split and bleed. This is a reality of modern methods. It is horrible to have your vagina stitched up afterwards and completely unnecessary if we let natural childbirth take its course in its own time. It can take months to heal after being cut and stitched. So my advice here is, resist the urge to push if you can.

Natural Childbirth is Worth the Effort

Don’t get me wrong. Childbirth, natural or otherwise is not an easy task. But we have the option to do things the way that nature intended them to be done regardless of the pressures placed upon us by modern medical practice. Natural childbirth will normally result in a healthier baby in my opinion. Yes, there will be pain. But this is the pain of effort, labor, travail. And it’s only going to last a while. No more than a day and 1/2, maybe two days at most. And afterwards you’re just going to be enjoying your little bundle of love!