What Clothing to Bring to the Hospital for Baby When

Going Home 3 diapers with diaper pins 1 cotton receiving blanket 1 nightgown 1 wool blanket 1 quilted pad or plastic pants 1 sweater and cap 1 shirt


Now to answer the final question: what shall we get for the baby? The answer is: only the absolute essentials. The normal tendency is always to get too much; the following includes only indispensable items:

Basic Layette 3 or 3 or

Diapers 3 or 4 doz.

Shirts 4 to

Crib blankets 1 or

Sweaters 1 or

Receiving blankets

Mattress protector



Crib sheets


Pads Bunting

Crib and mattress 1 Bath equipment

Bird’s-eye or gauze (keep a dozen on hand even if you have diaper service)

Cotton, open at side or front, six-months size

Heavy wool, light wool six-months size



Terry, soft

Terry, soft

Make your own crib sheets from old bed sheets. Since crib sheets and bed sheets cost approximately the same, buy bed sheets for your own bed

Cotton or flannel, open in front, six-months size

Waterproof or quilted

Not essential—receiving blankets and wool blankets may be used

Firm mattress

Soap dish, mild soap, mineral oil, absorbent cotton, safety pins, talcum powder. Baby can be bathed in washstand or kitchen sink.

This concludes our story of the newborn. He is now ready to be taken home, whither we shall not follow him. Descriptions of his further care and progress can be found in popular books and free government pamphlets dealing with the first few years of life. Even if you are the best informed of the new mothers in your community, it does not relieve you of the privilege and necessity of visiting and consulting your

Since these are popular gifts, do not purchase until necessary.