Pregnancy diary

You can buy or make a daily diary for your pregnancy. This gives you the opportunity to jot down a little note about what you are experiencing, feeling and doing each day. For example, you might include visits to the doctor or midwife, questions you asked and answers received, and your feelings about them. Write down questions you would like answered. Important moments can be recorded — the pregnancy test, hearing the baby’s heartbeat, the first kicks and so on.

This will make fascinating reading for your child in later years and is amazing to re-read, especially in subsequent pregnancies for comparison. In the blurry time of pregnancy, you will have kept precious memories to enjoy later. Writing a diary focuses you and gives you a sense of your personal growth, while measuring your progress towards the time of the birth.

Our bodies, hearts and minds available, and wait for life to fill in the space when and as it will. Life will help us, if we teach ourselves to relax, to let go. This same lesson is repeated in pregnancy, birth, the child’s growing years, adolescence, adulthood, and our own and our child’s death.


The early months of pregnancy can be vulnerable ones. It is helpful to notice, write down or talk about your sudden fears and worries, no matter how illogical or unpleasant they may seem to others. Seemingly out of nowhere, worries may arise about the unknown, your ability to handle the responsibilities of parenthood, fears for your children’s future.

One way to understand these sweeping emotions is through the concept of ‘recycling’ which means that an experience you’ve had in the past,