Pregnancy Moods

Pregnancy is notorious for its mood swings. Previously stable women may find themselves going through periods of depression, with tears just beneath the surface—so near the surface that they well up for the most insignificant reason, or no reason at all. Other women find themselves irritable about nothing; trifles which ordinarily barely ruffle their aplomb become momentous and seriously upset them. The best therapy is to discuss the matter frankly with your understanding doctor. He, no doubt, will be able to tell you truthfully that he has seen many cases just like yours which got better as pregnancy progressed. After delivery, the stable, sweet, tranquil dispositions of the patients return untarnished.

A second therapeutic suggestion is to keep going. Don’t become a stay-at-home introvert. If you are not working, see your friends; join education-for-childbirth courses at the Red Cross, your church, or hospital; work as a volunteer in some communal activity. It is possible that some of the women you meet at the prenatal visits to your doctor would wish to be friends. Pregnant women have a lot in common, and becoming pregnant is like joining a huge national sorority, your doctor’s patients forming one local chapter.

A third possibility is the temporary use of tranquilizers, such as Equanil or Miltown, on your doctor’s prescription. When indicated they may turn out to be excellent morale boosters.