shopping for baby clothes

Shopping For Baby Clothes

Shopping for clothing for your baby is usually a genuine delight. There is an great quantity of fashionable baby clothes available, many of them at affordable prices, and you definitely do not need to go down the designer-baby road to kit your child out in a trendy or a functional way.

shopping for baby clothes

High-street retailers such as Debenhams, Next, Hennes, Baby Gap, Adams, Marks and Spencer have got worthwhile selections. A number of the supermarkets — especially Asda and Tesco (You and your child) — have got a very good reputation for value-for-money kid’s outfits. You might try these online children’s clothing suppliers for additional unconventional designs — a few have mail-order brochures as well.

Baby Planet— tie-dye, hippy-chic baby and young child clothing.

Charlie Crow — innovative dressing-up outfits for ages 18 months to 9 years.

Debbie Bliss Knitwear — designer knitwear for newborns and young kids with a range of ready-made products or kits for knitting them oneself.

Kids’ Stuff — informal baby and children’s wear from the clothing department of The Great Little Trading Company.

Mini Boden — plenty of modest but fashionable and sensible clothing for babies to pre-teens.

Mischief Kids — Lancashire-based store offering stylish clothes (including DKNY, Moschino and Miniman) for babies to teens.

Sunday Best — specialists in baptism robes, dresses and baby suits.

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