These too provide a very popular activity. For older children they are perhaps best incorporated into other equipment – from three years onwards the repetition of climb up, slide down be-comes rather tame unless it is one of those monster slides to be found in some parks and playgrounds. It is often very hard for a mother to decide what to do when a three-year-old insists he is going to go on one of these. It is interesting to note that fathers are more likely to let children do this especially if there is no mother in evidence. They watch nonchalantly while other children’s parents grit their teeth and go pale. The diminutive child climbs slowly to the top amid a queue of jostling six-year-olds, teeters on the top step while looking round to see if daddy is watching and leans dangerously over the low sides of the chute with no idea of how to check his progress if he needs to as he slides down. However, every parent knows his own child best and must make his own decision.

For very young children a low slide incorporated into a step unit would be a good choice. Where garden space allows for a high hump of earth grassed over a slide can be set on this. Trestles and planks may also be used to make a low slide.