Spare Drawers

The sort of operation described above may produce spare drawers or sometimes very sound and solid drawers can be taken from an otherwise damaged chest. The simplest and quickest way to support any shelves which are added is to use two extra pieces of the shelf wood. Decide on the height for each shelf and cut two pieces that length. These are sanded and then stuck to the sides of the drawer and the shelf may be glued to rest firmly on them. Succeeding shelves can be added in the same way. If the shelves are very long or a great weight is to be put on them they may also need a central support.

Another use for large drawers is to convert them into drawers to push under beds. They will not look as neat as something specially designed for this purpose but are a lot cheaper. If castors are to be added either the base of the drawer must be very firm and strong to start with, or battens can be glued either to the underside of the drawer or inside the drawer to carry the necessary length of screws. If the floor is carpeted then possibly strong nylon or plastic skids will work just as well.

Small drawers would obviously make small shelves but may be just the right size for the basis of a doll’s bed.