The Art Of Make-Up

The Art Of Make-Up

If you want to take making-up beyond a touch of lipstick and a bit of powder on the nose, the first thing to do is to learn to look at your face as an artist would an untouched piece of canvas.

And, like an artist, you need to start with some basic equipment to make the most of the potential your face represents. You need:

A set of make-up brushes ranging from the very wide to the very thin — about four to six in all.

These can be obtained from any good chemist or department store.

  • Foundation.
  • Transparent loose powder.
  • At least two lipsticks, preferably one slightly darker than the other, and a lip glosser.
  • Blusher. Highlighter.
  • At least two eyeshadows.
  • Eyeliner. Mascara.
  • Shader.
  • Eyebrow pencil.

Most of these items come in a choice of creams or powders, and it’s entirely up to you which type you choose.

Event, the present fashion looks always take in the latest make-up innovations — always something to look for.

It’s quite possible for you to adapt a look to suit yourself if you understand how the colours you choose will look on your face — before you buy them.

Remember that your own colouring is made up of a combination of many pigments and, depending on how you like it, you can modify or emphasize it. Take eyes, for instance. If you put a blue shadow above blue eyes, they will look greener. Put a green shadow above them and you bring out the blue. Brown eyes work this way with brown and green shadow. Darker shades are recessive, lighter colours will make something stand out.

When it comes to choosing foundation, always test it on skin that is the closest shade to your face — on the back of your hand, for example. Even though you have fair skin, perhaps, it will have either an over-all pink or yellow tone and you need to decide whether to emphasize this by choosing a colour close to your own skin tone or to disguise it by choosing a contrasting colour.

Most lipsticks contain either blue or yellow in the colour — if you have yellow to olive-toned skin, choose blue lipsticks to serve as a contrast.