The first birthday

As you look back on all that your baby has learned in a short 12 months, you will be amazed. You will also glow with pride as you realise that you, as their parents, have made the investment of care, sheer physical effort and loving attention to detail which has brought your baby this far. Whatever happens in the future, nothing will take this away and nothing will equal the impor-tance of this first year. Go and buy yourself a present. You deserve it.

Birthday letters

A woman once related a beautiful story to us about her father. She had experienced many problems with him, both when she was growing up and as an adult. Even after his death, she had unresolved feelings. Then she discovered a letter he had written to her when she was only one year old. It accompanied a teddy bear and now, at 40, she treasures the bear and the letter because she really didn’t know until then that her father had loved her and felt so gently towards her.

Since hearing this story, we have written (and kept in a safe place) yearly birthday letters that describe to our children what is happening in their lives at the time of their birthday — their achievements, likes, dislikes and special events. > —m ,