The Nursery Group

Among people who regularly read newspapers or magazines, listen to the radio or watch television there can be few who are unaware of the current interest in nursery education. As happens with everything else, however, only people directly concerned with nursery-age children, either as mothers with pre-school children or as people who are professionally involved with the social and educational welfare of this age group, really know what it is all about. Even that is over-simplifying and overstating. There are so many types of nursery groups run in different ways for so many reasons that not only has no clear picture emerged, but it is unlikely at this stage to do so. The teachers concerned with state nursery education would jealously guard their differences from private nursery groups, yet there can be more difference between two nursery classes than between a nursery class and playgroup next door to each other. Two playgroups can differ just as much. One may be very similar to a nursery school, one may be more like a private day nursery, one may be a rather rigid group similar to a formal infant class, one could be a very small group as in a home situation. There are some main points which can be applied to each category.

The State in the form of the Department of Education and Science provides, maintains and is responsible for the following nursery groups.