The pursuit of health and well-being

The interrelationship of a person’s genetic potential and personality with the environment produces the fascinating and unique mix of each human life. Both as self-determining adults and as parents of developing children, we need to try to understand what constitutes our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. This will give ourselves and our offspring the best possible chance of a healthy and fulfilled life. Even from similar backgrounds, no two people are the same. Although ‘chance’ plays a part in everyone’s life, self-awareness is an essential step towards taking charge and direction of our own destiny. In a stable society, old customs and beliefs die hard. We in the West have witnessed fast-changing attitudes and even moral values over the last thirty years. This has largely been the result of important changes in our society – the introduction of new technologies, controlled fertility, the changes in women’s roles in society, large movements of people from country to country, and so on. Life continues but sometimes we feel that we have to run to keep up. Knowing something about how our bodies and minds interact with our surroundings helps us understand better what is going on as we progress through our life cycle. It should affect how we live our lives so as to enrich them both for ourselves and for others.