The Sound Table

The sound table or music corner is a fairly common feature in most nursery groups. It may be an attractive permanent feature with a good collection of simple instruments or home-made noise-makers where children are free to experiment with what they find there. Sadly, like interest and nature tables, it can deteriorate into a dusty, unused corner unless new material is introduced from time to time and unless adults spare the time occasionally to sit with the children and lead on to further experimenting.

In some play groups there may be a space set aside for a special interest table which at different times is used to extend various themes and sometimes will be used for music. In other groups where there is limited space a music table is only rarely produced because something else has to be omitted to make room for it. The most successful systems I have seen result from the flexible approach. A special effort is made to produce some kind of noise interest once a week and the materials are left out as long as the children are interested. Other instruments are stored in accessible places and the children are free to ask for them if they wish.