All mothers have inside them a ‘being’ or part of their character that they might not have known existed, yet which is essential for the job of mothering. In some mothers, it is instantly and obviously there the moment their child is born; in others, it needs some help to awaken. This part is ancient, powerful and fiercely protective of young life. It has many names in many places, but we call it The Tigress Mother. To help you contact this part of yourself, we suggest you experience what it might be like from the child’s point of view — to be the recipient of Tigress protection.

Can you recall ever having been completely safe? Imagine what it would be like to rest in the security of a large and powerful caregiver, someone who is totally protective, and is dedicated to caring for and respecting you and your needs. Imagine a truly competent and deeply warm human being who, for a while, can take care of everything to do with the outside world.