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Tips For Parents Who Always Rush In The Morning

by Kimberly Redfield

Rushing about in the morning can be a parent’s worst nightmare, especially if they are unprepared to start the day. There are ways to manage time in the morning even if they have kids. Sticking to a set schedule and planning in advance is a better option.

To prevent the morning rush parents along with their children should prepare everything in advance of the next days activities. This preparation includes getting outfits together to wear the next day, packing cold lunches for the kids and themselves, doing the dirty dishes the night before and packing books and other school supplies in the kid’s backpacks. Involving the children in this morning preparation process teaches them to be responsible people.

running with babyHaving a pantry filled with easy to make breakfast food also helps to save time in the morning. Cold cereal is usually the most sought after by the kids, but they may also enjoy some fruit and yogurt too, and these require no time to prepare in the morning. A good balanced breakfast is the key to starting the day off right. If you do choose cereal for your kids make sure that it is low in sugar or sugar free and has been enriched with minerals and vitamins, this is the best choice.

Watching television in the morning can take up valuable time and should not be turned on especially if the kids are not fully ready for school.

In the event that the kids are ready for school and everything is done, parents can choose to let them watch a little TV before they depart for the day.

Organization is the key to time management, having everything in its place, such as in baskets or storage units, saves time from rushing about looking for needed items that will be used throughout the day.

Hooks are a great wall accessory that allows you to hang your kid’s backpacks and coats on so that they are easily found. You may also want to use the baskets and small storage containers to house keys, IDs and other school essentials to further organize your kid’s possessions.

Overall, parents should take the morning to relax and enjoy spending time with their kids before everyone starts their day.

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