Types of pacifier

Types of Pacifier And Mistakes Not to Make

Much like teats for baby bottles, pacifier teats are manufactured from either latex or silicone mounted on a plastic shield. Silicone teats are more suitable from the parent’s perspective. They are simpler to keep clean and tend to be hard-wearing. They also do not possess the rubbery odor of latex, which you might become aware of if your baby is an ardent sucker of a latex pacifier. Conversely, babies themselves frequently have a preference for latex since it is much more flexible and much softer to suck. If you intend to give your baby a pacifier, try a silicone teat initially and move on to rubber if this isn’t appropriate.

Types of pacifier

The design of the teat can also be a problem. You can purchase pacifiers with either an orthodontic teat or a traditional bell-shaped teat. In case you are not certain that you will be in a position to restrict your baby’s pacifier use to the initial few months (just before he or she grows a set of teeth), try out an orthodontic teat initially. Even though a pacifier will not cause problems to future permanent teeth, continuous and sustained sucking might disrupt the positioning of baby teeth and an orthodontic teat is designed to result in the minimum disturbance. In case your baby prefers a bell shape to an orthodontic shape, however, it is nothing to panic about. Thumb-sucking is more of an issue when it comes to teeth because you can’t take your baby’s thumb away.

Points To Consider When Choosing A Pacifier

  • Buy several at a time. Pacifiers go missing quickly therefore it is usually worth having a handful of extras.
  • A few makes are available in plastic containers. These are useful for keeping your pacifiers clean.
  • You can purchase pacifier chains, with clips that affix to your baby’s clothes at one end and to the pacifier at the opposite end —these are helpful if your baby is continually dropping his or her pacifier.
  • Examine the condition of pacifiers frequently and discard any that appear broken or worn.
  • Sterilise small babies’ pacifiers frequently.

Pacifier Safety Issues

Under no circumstances hang a pacifier around your baby’s neck on a ribbon (as has been a practice in past times) because this can be a strangulation danger.

Do not purchase an unknown model of pacifier. Ensure right away it’s a type, brand and even colour combination which is widely accessible and you can get through any chain drug store or grocery store. A grandson of mine will only use a light blue pacifier that only seems to be sold in smaller independent grocers’ stores. His parents have had to drive a long way going in and out of a number of these stores looking for one which sells the right kind. Its a great incentive to make him quit though!