Very Large Equipment

Some nursery groups are lucky enough to have space for an old car, steam roller, fire engine or boat. It is vital that all glass movable parts and doors are removed and that the object is firmly anchored and wedged to avoid either rolling or tipping. These give rise to a good deal of physically active play and imaginative games. There is a difference of opinion on the advisability of providing these attractive items, particularly cars. The danger for children who are used to legitimate play on a nursery car then playing around and even getting into stationary cars in the road or abandoned cars on tips should be considered. No doubt the area in which children five will make some contribution to the decision about the wisdom of this provision. In circumstances where real objects are not possible or are decided against, some improvised material such as tea chests, crates, planks, tyres or a steering wheel mounted on a stout rod fixed to a box will allow children to make a pretend vehicle for themselves. A liberal attitude towards providing painting materials and protective clothing with which to paint a ‘fire engine’ red or whatever is an extension of this play.