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What Baby Products You Will Need In The First Days and Weeks

Despite the fact that baby magazines and store brochures will make you feel that you might want a never-ending selection of items for your newborn, you actually don’t. You will need particular essentials from the first day — diapers, several changes of clothes, an appropriate spot for your child to sleep and maybe feeding equipment — and, if you are travelling by car, a car seat. Fairly soon you will also require a buggy or baby carrier.

baby productsOver and above this, however, what we buy is essentially down to individual choice and circumstances. Some new parents feel they would like to kit their baby and the nursery out in full glory from the first day; other people wish to keep to the minimum, either as their financial situation won’t allow more or because they just want to keep things simple. If you feel weighed down by the wealth of baby items available, please remember with a lot of them it is worth holding out until following the birth and taking your time over selecting what to get. As you become used to your baby’s needs, and your own priorities evolve, you will be in a better position to decide what will be useful to you and what won’t.

What baby items you require in time for the birth:

  • Moses basket, cradle, carry cot or cot
  • Bed linen
  • clothes — four sleepsuits and four bodysuits are adequate for starters, as well as a few cardigans and a hat
  • diapers — a packet of first-size disposables to begin with, or an array of reusable nappies
  • cotton wool or baby wipes
  • a fully reclining buggy or stroller, or a baby carrier or sling
  • a towel for just your baby’s use along with a mild baby-bath solution.

Additional Baby Products you might want to purchase:

  • Pair of scratch mittens
  • changing mat or changing unit 3 for changing units)
  • muslin cloths or bibs 4) for spills and possetting
  • breast pads, feeding bra and perhaps breast pump in case you are breast-feeding
  • dummies / pacifiers
  • bouncy cradle
  • baby bath or bath supports
  • baby monitor.

‘Non-baby’ products you will most likely be grateful for:

  • an efficient, dependable automatic washer
  • a clothes-drying rack should you not possess a tumble-drier
  • a microwave oven for sterilising and/or for heating baby meals later on.
  • If you purchase muslin cloths, get coloured as opposed to white ones – you can dig them out with less effort from the piles of white-dominated washing.

We invested our cash on a new automatic washer and left purchasing cots until we found cut-price ones in the sales. I personally use the washer nearly every day while the cots have long since been passed on to another person.

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