What to Do in Case of a Fall or Accident during pregnancy

First discover whether you have injured yourself. Determining this does not differ from doing so when you are not pregnant. Do you hurt? Are you bleeding from any wound? Are your movements restricted? If these three questions are answered in the negative, you are probably uninjured—yet if you are in doubt, see a doctor at once. Next, turn your attention to the pregnancy. If there is no vaginal bleeding and the fetus continues to move, pregnancy was unaffected. If you are too early in pregnancy to have felt fetal movements, the only criterion regarding the status of the pregnancy will be vaginal bleeding. The fetus is so perfectly protected by the cushioning fluid surrounding it and the veritable shock absorbers built in the uterus, that only rarely does even the most direct blow disturb either the infant or the fortress in which it is ensconced. If there is vaginal bleeding, get in touch with your physician at once. If fetal movements appear absent, do not panic; wait an hour or two and, if they have not reappeared, call your doctor.